Academic Courses and Descriptions

General Information

Students MUST observe course prerequisites. Students will be with- drawn from courses for which they have not successfully completed the appropriate prerequisites. No marks will be assigned. Course instructors do not have the authority to waive prerequisites.

A requirement to be undertaken concurrently with another course. The corequisite will be waived if a student has previously obtained standing in it.

Students may not enrol in a course that is listed as an exclusion for a course that they are currently taking or for a course they have already passed. If allowed by special permission to enrol in an excluded course, the second course taken will be listed as an “extra” course. Students will be required to withdraw from the course if discovered during the session of enrolment and will be refused degree credit in the excluded course if discovered at any time in a subsequent session.

Year of Standing
Year of standing is calculated as of September. Students who have successfully completed >3.5 full academic courses are in Year II, >8.5 full academic courses are in Year III, and >13.5 full academic courses are in Year IV.

Hours Per Week
In general, academic courses comprise a minimum of three to four contact hours per week, consisting of lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical instruction and laboratories.

Availability of Courses
Some optional courses are not offered each year. Students are advised to check details with individual instructors, and to plan carefully their course selection to fit the available schedule. For a listing of courses and times offered in the current year, refer to the academic timetable on the Faculty’s website.

For information on which courses are offered and in which term for the current academic year refer to the BKin academic and practicum timetables.