Faculty Council
The responsibility for academic policy rests with the Faculty Council. It is composed of the president, vice-president and provost, the dean, the vice dean, the associate and assistant deans, the chief administrative officer, professors emeritae/i, all full-  time faculty, the registrar, and representatives of the Council of Athletics and Recreation (CAR), of the practica instructors, of the student body, the administrative and technical support staff, and alumni/ae.

Committees of Council
The following standing committees report to the Faculty Council:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is composed of the dean, vice dean(s), associate dean(s), assistant dean(s), chief administrative officer, registrar, chair of Faculty Council, and the president of the KPEUA. The purpose of this committee is to monitor the functioning of the Council and its committees, as well as to serve as the striking committee that determines the memberships of the rest of the standing committees of Council.

Admissions Committee
The Admissions Committee is responsible for the selection of students from among applicants to the undergraduate program in the Faculty and for making recommendations concerning admission scholarships. It is composed of the dean, vice dean, director - undergraduate program, two faculty, one staff, the registrar, two students and one alumni/ae representative.

Curriculum Committee
The Curriculum Committee is responsible for the curriculum of the undergraduate program. It recommends the addition/ revision/deletion of courses and administers course evaluations. It also approves course outlines and calendar materials. The committee makes recommendations to the dean regarding complement planning. It is composed of the dean, vice dean, director - undergraduate program, the physical practicum co-ordinator, three faculty members, the registrar as well as one undergraduate student, one athletic instructor and one alumni/ae representative.

Examinations Committee
The Examinations Committee is responsible for implementing the University’s grading practices policy for the undergraduate program. It reviews policy concerning examinations (including the examination timetables) and examination results, and makes recommendations on academic status, graduation and the award of all scholarships and bursaries except admission scholarships to Faculty council. All petitions pertaining to grades and academic status are received and reviewed by the examinations committee subject to appeal to the appeals committee. The examinations committee is composed of the dean, vice dean, director - undergraduate program, one faculty member, one practicum instructor, the registrar, the KPEUA president, and one alumni/ae representative.

Appeals CommitteeThe Faculty administers academic appeals of prior rulings, normally from the examinations committee, by appointing an Appeals Committee for each specific case. Each committee will consist of two of the three faculty representatives from a range of disciplines covered by the Faculty’s undergraduate programs as well as one KPEUA representative or designate. None of the members shall have any prior involvement with the case(s) to be heard. The chair of each appeals committee will be one of the two faculty members and will be entitled to vote.

Research Committee
The Research Committee is responsible for the development  and overseeing of the Faculty’s research. It advises on matters related to allocation of research space and financial resources for faculty and student research. It advises on the operation of, and financial resources made available to, the research centres of the Faculty. It monitors and reports on faculty and graduate student research activity and the integration of research and teaching within the Faculty. It is composed of the dean, the associate dean research, director of graduate studies, three faculty members (representing the range of disciplines in the Faculty), one graduate student representative, one undergraduate student representative, representatives from Faculty research groups, and directors of the Faculty’s research centres.

Awards Committee (Joint with CAR)
The Awards Committee is responsible for policy and overseeing the administration of the Faculty’s leadership, co-curricular and curricular awards. The awards committee is composed of the dean, Faculty Council chair, one faculty member, one co-curricular instructor or staff, one undergraduate student appointed by KPEUA, one student appointed by CAR, one alumni/ae representative, one representative of the University of Toronto’s Enrolment Service’s Office and one member of the KPE advancement staff as awards officer and secretary (non-voting).

Restricted Funds Committee (Joint with CAR)
The Restricted Funds Committee is responsible for providing an impartial review of and ongoing advice on the management of the Faculty’s restricted fund accounts with a view to ensure appropriate expenditure of funds and reports on activity for the benefit of all stakeholders. The committee is composed of the dean, Faculty Council chair, four alumni/ae, one CAR co-chair, a senior member of the alumni affairs and development staff, and two students, one representing the Varsity Board and the other the Faculty’s academic programs.

Equity Committee (Joint with CAR)
The Equity Committee is responsible for reviewing equity issues in the Faculty’s current and proposed curricular and co-curricular programs and services. The committee is composed of the dean, Faculty Council chair, one student and one non-student representative from CAR, one undergraduate student representative from the KPEUA, one member of the teaching staff, four University of Toronto students, and one University of Toronto equity officer.

Sponsorship Committee (Joint with CAR)
The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for ensuring that the sponsorship policies of the Faculty are followed and that revenues generated are appropriately used. The committee  is composed of the dean, the director of advancement, one undergraduate student representative from the KPEUA, one graduate student representative from KPEGS, two student members of CAR, two non-student members of CAR, one Faculty Council member and one alumni member.