Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) Program Overview

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education offers an undergraduate program that is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers or further study relating to physical activity and health.

The BKIN program offers several unique features:

Multidisciplinary Curriculum
Students complete 20 full course equivalents from a range of subjects deigned to provide a broad, multidisciplinary education.  To prepare students for a broad range of careers or further study after graduation, required courses range from anatomy and physiology, sport and exercise psychology, motor control, and physical cultural studies are offered.  In the upper years of the program, optional courses provide an opportunity for certification in one or more areas.  The curriculum also includes two to six elective courses from the course offerings within other divisions within the University.

Applied Learning
To bring learning to life and strengthen the relevance of the curriculum, the program includes several opportunities to engage in applied learning.  Across a number of courses, students are encouraged to integrate their theoretical knowledge with applied experiences in health, sport, exercise and physical activity settings.  In the upper years, students may choose to be paired with a mentor in the field to develop professionally related competencies.

Outdoor Education
The outdoor activity component is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to engage in pleasurable and environmentally supportive physical activity in natural settings.  It consists of three courses to be taken over four years.

Research Opportunities
As a result of University of Toronto’s strong, international reputation as a research-intensive university, all students will have the benefit of learning from professors who are actively engaged in research and therefore can bring the most up to date research into the classroom.  In addition to the inclusion of research assignments in several courses, some upper year students have the opportunity to work individually with a professor on a research project.

Equity and Inclusion
The Faculty has a strong reputation in advancing equity and inclusion through its courses, support services and student-run activities.  As graduates will require knowledge and skills of inclusion, a curriculum strand of equity runs through each year of the program.

Student Supports
Students have access to a group of welcoming and highly trained staff members in the Registrar’s Office.  In addition, students  may wish to enlist the services of the academic advisor, learning strategist, career educator, accessibility advisor, and embedded wellness counsellor.