2024 - 2025 Calendar

In Person Learning
The University of Toronto delivers academic programs through an in-person learning environment.  All students should therefore plan to attend on-campus activities in-person in order to successfully complete their program/ degree unless: (i) students have been approved by the University to participate in off-campus activities (such as study abroad or work terms), or (ii) the calendar entry for a program/degree explicitly states that no in-person activities are required. While the University strives to maintain an in-person learning environment, the University reserves the right to alter the manner in which it delivers its courses and co-curricular opportunities in response to health and safety emergencies and public health guidance. 

Updates and Changes to the Calendar

June 21, 2024  

For the 2024-25 Academic Session, the course code for Sport Media and Culture (Category A) is KPE311H1
For the 2024-25 Academic Session, the course code for Criminology of Sport and Games (Category A) is KPE410H1

The course codes KPE319H1 and KPE418H1 are not active for the 2024-25 Academic Session.

Course Mode of Delivery

KPE320H1 - Administrative Theory and Organizational Behaviour (Category B) is being offered as an in-person course as listed on the Academic Timetable.