Admissions Information

The following is a brief synopsis of application information for the BKin program. You can also obtain customized information from Apply to U of T web tool

General Information

The Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) program (accredited in Kinesiology and Physical Education Teacher Preparation by the Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators (CCUPEKA) is in great demand by students.  Our Admissions Committee is dedicated to selecting the best kinesiology specialists and physical and health educators for the future. Incoming students are assessed for both intellectual and physical activity leadership potential as submitted on the required Statement of Interest. Please see “Additional Requirement”. Information on all undergraduate programs offered by  the University of Toronto is available on-line at .


A) Applicants from Ontario High Schools

Current full-time Ontario secondary school grade 12 students receive information on the application process from their high schools in the fall. Depending on the student’s background, proof of English facility may be required.

B) All Other New Candidates

Application requirements and procedures are available on the Apply to U of T website
Apply online at Ontario Universities Application Centre.
Paper applications can be ordered by sending an email to: or write to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, 170 Research Lane, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1G 5E2; tel: 519-823-1940.

C) Returning Students

Returning students who have previously completed at least one academic course at the Faculty, but who have not been in attendance for one or more sessions, do not need to reapply for admission. They must apply for re-registration through the Registrar’s Office, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, 55 Harbord Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2W6. Students away for more than two years must fulfill the requirements of the curriculum currently in place. Registration must be completed prior to the commencement of a session. All students must complete their degree within 10 calendar years of initial admission.

D) Internal University of Toronto  Applicants

Applicants who have previously registered at the University of Toronto in a degree, diploma or certificate program or as either a non-degree or visiting student should apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, using the internal application form available online on the Apply to U of T website.

Admission Scholarships

Refer to the Scholarships, Awards and Academic Prizes section for information regarding entrance scholarships.

General Requirements for all Applicants

ALL applicants must demonstrate:
a) a commitment to a lifestyle of physical activity as a means of maintaining health; and
b) leadership experience in some aspect of kinesiology, physical education and health.


A) Admission with O.S.S.D. Grade 12 or Equivalent

Entrance to first-year is offered to candidates who graduate from the Ontario secondary school program with above average standing in a full academic program. Students must obtain standing in six courses including:

  • English (ENG4U)
  • One of: Biology (SBI4U)/Chemistry (SCH4U)/Physics (SPH4U)
  • One of: Advanced Functions (MHF4U)/Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
  • Strongly Recommended: Introductory Kinesiology (PSK4U) or Exercise Science (PSE4U) if available.
  1. The course Anatomy and Physiology 12 will be considered from jurisdictions where Gr. 12 Biology is not available
  2. Chemistry is strongly recommended for candidates wanting to pursue multiple courses in university level biology. Candidates with aspiration to complete higher year Biology courses are encouraged to complete Grade 12 Chemistry.
  3. Calculus and Biology are required for enrolment in Psychology courses beyond first year and to complete a Minor or Major in Psychology.
  4. All applicants must present the English, Math and Science (i.e., biology/chemistry/physics) requirements. All applicants, including those who must present proof of English facility, will be required to present a senior level English course (equivalent to Ontario ENG4U/EAE4U) for admission to all undergraduate programs. The English course result will be considered in the admissions process and calculated as part of an applicant's admission average.

B) Admission as a Non-Matriculant

Two potential places have been set aside each year for truly outstanding non-matriculant applicants. A “mature applicant” must have been an Ontario resident for one year, 21+ years of age on October 1, and not completed an Ontario secondary school  or equivalent program. Applicants must demonstrate ability and experience, and complete a minimum of one English, one Math (Advanced Functions or Calculus & Vectors) and one of biology/chemistry/physics at the Grade 12 4U or equivalent level. At least one of these three courses must be completed with a “B” standing or higher through the academic bridging program offered at Woodsworth College.

C) Admission as a Transfer Credit Student

An undergraduate of another university or U of T faculty may be admitted to the BKin program with advanced standing if a high standing has been maintained in previous studies, and if appropriate prerequisites have been completed. In exceptional cases, credit may also be allowed for community college courses.

Additional Requirement – All applicants

An online Statement of Interest including the name and contact information of one referee is required of all applicants. A link to the form will be available through the Join U of T applicant website. Applications will not be considered without the completed Statement of Interest.

Indigenous Students

In recognition of the University’s special responsibilities to the Indigenous peoples of the GTA, Ontario, and Canada and to the diversity of those peoples, the Faculty has established special criteria and procedures for improving the participation of aboriginal students in its programs. Indigenous applicants who wish consideration under these criteria should notify the chair of the Admissions Committee about their application to the program. Contact 416-978-3026 to initiate this process. Applicants in this category can also receive assistance with their application and enrolment process from the First Nations House, Borden Building North, 563 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2J7; telephone 416-978-8227, Toll-free phone: 1-800-810-8069,

Students with a Disability

The Faculty has reserved two spots for academically qualified applicants with a physical disability. Applicants or their guidance counsellors are invited to contact the Faculty’s Registrar’s Office at with requests for special consideration.  Students must also complete the University of Toronto’s Special Consideration form, available on the Join U of T applicant website

Non-degree/Visiting Students

Special/visiting students are individuals living in North America who wish to take courses offered by the program, for interest or for transfer credit. Students in this category must meet the admission criteria for the program. Applicants not previously admitted to the Faculty must submit an application and a $90 fee directly to the Faculty. Official transcripts from all institutions attended are required. Students from other universities should also include a letter of permission from their home institution. Graduates of the program may be re-admitted for further undergraduate study within the first twelve months of graduation, upon presentation of a letter to the Admissions Committee outlining their reasons for wishing to return. After the initial twelve months of graduation, the re-registration fee is $25. Application dates are June 30 for fall admission, November 30 for winter admission and April 1 for summer admission. Application must be made for each re-registration period. Apply early, as places are limited. Note that not all applicants are granted this privilege.

Deferred Admission

Students who are unable to begin their degree studies in the Fall may request a one-year deferral of their offer of admission. Deferrals are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Ontario high school graduates, admitted in their final year of high school, with final averages higher than 85% including all pre-requisite courses will be considered for deferred admission. If granted, the deferral of admission will include a deferral of any entrance scholarship(s) awarded and the residence guarantee if applicable. Applicants who plan to attend another post-secondary institution will not be permitted to defer their admission. The Deferral Request Form is available via the Join U of T applicant website in July. Decisions will be finalized when official final transcripts are received.

If a deferral request is granted, the offer of admission to the current academic year will be cancelled.

Full-time Students

A full-time student will take the normal load of 5.0 academic credits as outlined for each year of study and pay a flat rate program fee for the academic year.

Students enrolled in less than 4.0 academic credits as of the fee determination dates pay the full time incidental fees, but are eligible to pay on a per-course basis for tuition fees. There are deadlines to meet this eligibility. Students should consult the Student Accounts website for full details. Students in the program fee band who drop down to the per-course band after the relevant deadlines will be required to pay the full program fee.

Part-time Students

Any individual enrolled in 50% or less of the academic course load may request to be registered as a part-time student for the corresponding year of the program. The maximum course enrolment for part-time study is 2.5 full academic courses. Fees for part-time students are assessed on a per course basis, and have lower incidental charges. Such requests must be made by the appropriate deadlines – after those deadlines students will lose some or all of the potential savings. Refer to the Tuition Fees section of the BKin program website for details.