University of Toronto Transcript Policy

See also University Guidelines on Academic Transcript Notations; University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set out the principles that underpin the University’s understanding of its official academic transcript and to describe the minimum information that the transcript must include.

Overarching Principles

The academic transcript is the primary, official, consolidated record of a student’s academic performance and achievement.

  • The transcript should reflect academic history only.
  • The transcript should be a meaningful reflection of the student’s academic activity and  achievement.
  • The transcript must provide the reader with the information required to interpret the transcript.


University of Toronto consolidated transcripts are limited to degree level studies.

Required Content of the Academic Transcript

The academic transcript must include:

  • an enrolment history, which traces chronologically the student’s participation at the University.
  • details of program(s) including, for example, specialists, majors, and minors, and Degree; any other credentials granted; and date of graduation.
  • the refined letter grade and normally the numeric mark, or the final grade using an approved alternate grading scale for each course completed. (See the University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy.)
  • course weight values, expressed using a uniform system of values that accommodates the curricular needs of all divisions/faculties.
  • a “grade point average” based on a 4-point scale for all undergraduate divisions. (See the University Assessment and Grading Practices Policy.)
  • an average grade for each course expressed using the refined letter grade scale. (Note: these calculations should be restricted to courses of a specific size.)
  • transfer credit or advanced standing granted.
  • selected academic honours, scholarships and awards sanctioned by the University.
  • any annotation pertaining to special academic achievements that has been approved as appropriate (See Guidelines on Academic Transcript Notations.)
  • the student’s academic standing including records of suspension and refusal of further registration.
  • information concerning disciplinary sanctions ordered in a case of academic misconduct.
  • a comprehensive guide explaining all grades and symbols used on the transcript.

Access to Official Transcripts

Subject to a fee, students may request a copy of their transcripts.