Mission of the Faculty

The Faculty aims to develop, advance and disseminate knowledge about physical activity, health, and their interactions through education, research, leadership, and the provision of opportunity.

Physical activity is the term used to represent a very broad spectrum that ranges from physical inactivity due to a sedentary life style or disability right through to those who engage in chronic exercise because they are high performance athletes.

Physical activity includes exercise, sport, dance, and play.

Our definition of “health” follows that of the World Health Organization:

“Health is the state of complete physical, psychological, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.  It is indicated by the extent to which an individual or a group is able to realize aspirations, satisfy needs, and harmoniously co-exist with the environment. Health is therefore seen as a resource for living.  It is a positive concept, emphasizing personal and social resources and physical capacity.”

The Faculty provides students with a strong multidisciplinary background in the behavioural, biophysical, and physical cultural bases of physical activity and health, and the skills necessary for a lifetime of learning and leadership in a rapidly changing world.  We also equip our graduates with the ability to conduct research and to become engaged in major social challenges such as changing public behaviour about physical activity.  This is done within a framework that reinforces our key values of integrity, respect, equity and diversity, leadership and excellence within the domain of physical activity.

The Faculty offers a Bachelor of Kinesiology undergraduate degree.  The Faculty also offers MA, MSc and PhD degree programs and a professional Master of Professional Kinesiology degree program through our Graduate Department of Kinesiology.  Our Faculty also provides the organizational framework for the provision of co-curricular athletics and physical activity programs, services and facilities for all University of Toronto students, faculty, staff, alumni/ae, and community members.  This integration of academic and co-curricular programs provides a rich educational and research platform for KPE students and faculty members.

Our graduates have pursued a wide array of careers in diverse areas, including: health sciences, regulated health professions, education, fitness and recreation, sports administration, outdoor education, coaching, public policy, business, law, event management, marketing and promotion, clinical kinesiology, ergonomics, government scientists, clinical trials management, and academia.

Through their research and other scholarly activities, our professors and students generate new knowledge that is communicated through scientific fora, taught in our classes, and disseminated to the broader public.  Members of the Faculty also contribute to the strengthening of professional and community associations.

We are committed to assisting, inspiring and enabling our students to:

  1. acquire the skills and habits of critical thinking and research,
  2. acquire knowledge relevant to the understanding of human physical activity and health in Canadian society and beyond,
  3. develop the knowledge and skills to promote physical activity as a means to good health,
  4. develop the knowledge and skills of effective leadership in the broad field of kinesiology and physical education,
  5. develop the knowledge base and skills for lifelong learning.