Fees & Financial Requirements

Fees and Financial Requirements

Academic and Incidental Fees 
During the summer, each student will receive information indicating the required academic and incidental fees, the date fees are due, and the method of payment. Academic fees include required and specified optional courses in the Faculty and in other divisions of the University. Incidental fees include campus services and student society fees. Students must pay at least the minimum payment to register amount on ACORN in order to confirm their enrolment in courses.

Students doing less than a full load of courses may be eligible for lower tuition charges, and potential refunds for courses cancelled early enough. Details and full fee and refund schedules are available on the Student Accounts website: www.studentaccount.utoronto.ca

NOTE: that the Province of Ontario has introduced new guidelines concerning tuition fee billing. At the time of publication, the University of Toronto was reviewing its practices in the context of these guidelines to determine how and when it will implement changes. Any revisions to the procedures referenced here will be reflected at www.studentaccount.utoronto.ca.

Outstanding Fees and Charges 
Students who have not paid their fees in full, have outstanding fees, library dues or bookstore accounts by the end of the session, will not be permitted further registration in the University, will not have transcripts issued on their behalf, and may not submit petitions. They may not receive their diplomas (if in their graduating year) until payment is made. The university charges a service fee of 1.5% per month (19.56% per year) on any outstanding balance. Refer to the Student Accounts website for details regarding fee payment deadlines and service charge billing dates.

Athletic Fee 
All students (full or part-time) pay a compulsory athletic fee. This fee entitles them to use the athletic facilities on campus and to participate in all co-curricular programs offered by the Faculty.


Administrative Fees

A list of the fees charged for various administrative requests is given below. These fees are subject to change without notice.

Special Student Application fee$90.00
Replacement of photo TCard $20.00
Copy of record$17.00 *
Official Transcript $12.00 *
Duplicate receipts for tax purposes$5.00
Miscellaneous letters$8.00 *
Petition to late add/delete$10.00
Copy of an examination$15.00 *
Petition to reread examination $36.00 **
Petition to recalculate grade$13.00 **
Special examinations$70.00
Advanced Standing examination$58.00
Application for study elsewhere$320.00 ***
Letters of permission to take courses at another institution for degree credit$40.00 *
Transfer Credit Evaluation$30.00
Late registration:
  • first day
  • each additional day
Course confirmation$7.00
Replacement diploma or certificate
(plus cost of postage)
Library Fines:
  • lost book 
  • lost bound serial
  • lost unbound serial
  • damaged book or serial 
  • overdue fines:- books/serials (per day per item)
  • short term loan books/serials (per hour per item) 
  • short term loans beyond 24 hrs. (per day per item) 
  • reserved/recall books/serials (after 7 days notice: per day per item) 
  • software (per day)

KPE355Y1/KPE1455Y1 Placement/Professional Support Fees:
  • KPE355Y1
  • KPE455Y1



* GST and/or PST included.

** Refundable if the mark is changed in the student’s favour.

*** Maintenance of registration while engaged in study elsewhere. Payment of this fee exempts a student from fees for letters of permission. The fee does not apply to exchange programs.