KPE329H1: Developing Physical Literacy Foundations in the Early Years

This course is founded on the belief that if we give children the opportunity to engage in developmentally appropriate physical activities, at the appropriate time in their development, then more of them will develop foundational movement skills that will enable them to enjoy being active and to stay active throughout their lives. To this end, the building blocks for the development of physical literacy in children 0-5 years old will be examined in detail, with a focus on the preschool years. The pedagogy of physical activity experiences for this population will be explored through topics such as developmental milestones and needs, foundational movement patterns and motor skill development, teaching and learning approaches and lesson planning. Students will also have the opportunity to explore some Special Topics that are unique to the development of physical literacy foundations in the early years.

Note: Students enrolled in KPE329H1 will be required to obtain a valid Police Record Check if directly teaching preschool children. Students will receive an email confirming if a Police Record Check is required upon registration in this course.

Behavioural (B), Applications
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