KPE333H1: The Pedagogy of Playing Games

Historically educators have seen the playing of games as beneficial to the development of physical, psychological, emotional and social traits in children and adults. Recently the dropout rate of children playing organized games and the participation rate of adults playing organized sport has become a major cause for concern. This has brought into focus the traditional way that games and sport have been taught and coached. This course will enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the concepts and methods of alternative games’ play approaches to teaching and coaching sports. Students will be introduced to the four main alternative games’ models of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), Play Practice, Game Sense and Developing Thinking Players. Each of these 4 models use game centred activities to stimulate and motivate learning. The twin goals of understanding and personal satisfaction are emphasized jointly throughout the course. Students will be engaged in both practical and theory sessions to learn creative, innovative and exciting ways to teach and coach. You will be able to design and implement learning activities that are enjoyable, challenging, inspiring and cognitively and physically demanding.

Behavioural (B), Applications
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