KPE360H1: Advanced Cardiorespiratory Physiology

This course provides students with an opportunity to expand upon topics introduced in earlier physiology courses, particularly KPE264H1, with a particular focus on cardiorespiratory function and control during exercise. Advanced concepts in cardiac performance, respiratory control and the vascular system will be addressed, while considering both acute and chronic responses to exercise. While each subsystem will be examined in detail, a key objective is to guide students toward developing an integrative understanding of exercise physiology. Specific topics will include: systolic and diastolic cardiac function, neural and humoral control of ventilation during exercise, factors influencing gas exchange, local and regional control of skeletal muscle blood flow, and autonomic control of cardiovascular function. Challenges to these systems, including heat and ‘excessive’ exercise, will be explored. Laboratory activities will provide students with an opportunity to integrate conceptual and practical knowledge pertaining to the assessment of cardiorespiratory function and control during exercise.

Course Category
Biophysical (C)
Mode of Delivery
In Person