KPE427H1: Health and Physical Education in the Elementary Years

This course provides an overview of pedagogical concepts and learning methodologies specific to elementary-aged children in physical activity and health and physical education settings. It explores in-depth the pedagogy of physical activity for the development of physical literacy through topics such as developmental milestones and needs, movement domains and competencies, Daily Physical Activity (DPA) and assessment and evaluation strategies. The concept of health literacy is also explored and applied to the health education needs of elementary-aged children. Finally, the Ontario Elementary Health and Physical Education curriculum, and controversy surrounding it, is explored through the lens of physical and health literacy development. Understanding of course content will be enhanced through tutorials where students will have an opportunity to apply course concepts in practice. Course content can be directly applied to improve physical activity instruction across a range of settings including camps, recreational physical activity programming, coaching and future health and physical education teaching.

Course Category
Behavioural (B)
Mode of Delivery