KPE490Y1: Advanced Research

In this course students will have an opportunity to undertake research on a topic relating to the study of physical activity and health. The faculty supervisor, selected by the student, gives counsel in defining the problem, conducting the study and preparing a research paper (thesis). In addition to submitting the research paper, students are required to attend some classes/workshops, and present their findings at the annual Bertha Rosenstadt National Undergraduate Research Conference. This course provides an opportunity for a student planning graduate study at this Faculty or elsewhere to gain experience in completing a small research study. Students may elect only one KPE490Y1 course or external equivalent.

*Notes regarding KPE390Y1, KPE490Y1 and KPE495H1:
1. For permission to enrol a student must: a) Obtain course information and application forms from Registrar’s Office website. Application forms are available in the spring for the following academic year. b) Find a faculty advisor. c) Complete the pre-requisite form (may do so with faculty advisor if desired). d) Complete advisor-student agreement form together with faculty advisor. e) Submit both prerequisite and student-advisor agreement form together to Registrar’s Office for review and approval by course coordinator.

2. Nominal funding may be available to subsidize some costs of KPE390Y1/KPE490Y1/KPE495H1 projects. See the course information package for application guidelines. **Please note that each faculty member can accept only a limited number of students.

KPE390Y1, a minimum B average in the area of interest, and an application process.
Behavioural (B)
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