Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin)

Program of Study – BKin

The complete BKin program consists of 20 full academic courses and three outdoor education courses. All students are required to obtain an acceptable (minimum eight-hour) course in each of Standard First Aid and CPR (i.e., Basic Rescuer – level C). Students enrolled prior to 2020/2021 must refer to the calendar of their year of admission for their degree requirements. The degree requirements for each student are based on the year of admission to the Faculty. They are noted in the Calendar for that year.

(A) Admission with O.S.S.D. Grade 12 or Equivalent
Entrance to first-year is offered to candidates who graduate from the Ontario secondary school program with above average standing in a full academic program. Students must obtain standing in six courses including:
• English (ENG4U)
• One of: Biology (SBI4U)/Chemistry (SCH4U)/Physics (SPH4U)
• One of: Advanced Functions (MHF4U)/Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
•Strongly Recommended: Introductory Kinesiology (PSK4U) or Exercise Science (PSE4U) if available.
• Recommended: Biology and/or Physics.

1. Chemistry is strongly recommended for candidates wanting to pursue multiple courses in university level biology. Candidates with aspiration to complete higher year Biology courses are encouraged to complete Grade 12 Chemistry.
2. Calculus and Biology are required for enrolment in Psychology courses beyond first year and to complete a Minor or Major in Psychology.
3. Students who are required to present an acceptable English Facility test result are exempt from the Grade 12 English requirement (ENG 4U/EAE4U) and may substitute another Grade 12 U/M course in its place. All applicants must present the English, Math and science i.e. (biology/chemistry/physics) requirements.

(B) Admission as a Non-Matriculant
Two potential places have been set aside each year for truly outstanding non-matriculant applicants. A “mature applicant” must have been an Ontario resident for one year, 21+ years of age on October 1, and not completed an Ontario secondary school or equivalent program. Applicants must demonstrate ability and experience, and complete a minimum of one English, one Math (Advanced Functions or Calculus & Vectors) and one of biology/chemistry/physics at the Grade 12 4U or equivalent level. At least one of these three courses must be completed with a “B” standing or higher through the academic bridging program offered at Woodsworth College.

(C) Admission as a Transfer Credit Student
An undergraduate of another university or U of T faculty may be admitted to the BKin program with advanced standing if a high standing has been maintained in previous studies, and if appropriate prerequisites have been completed. In exceptional cases, credit may also be allowed for community college courses.

Additional Requirement – All applicants
An online Statement of Interest including the name and contact information of one referee is required of all applicants to all programs. Information on the completion of this form will be provided to applicants after their application is received at the Faculty. Applications will not be considered without the completed Statement of Interest.

Enrolment Requirements: 

Full-time Students
A full-time student will take the normal load of 5.0 academic credits as outlined for each year of study and pay a flat rate program fee for the academic year. Students enrolled in less than 4.0 academic credits as of the fee determination dates pay the full time incidental fees, but are eligible to pay on a per-course basis for tuition fees. There are deadlines to meet this eligibility. Students should consult the Fees department website for full details. Students in the program fee band who drop down to the per-course band after the relevant deadlines will be required to pay the full program fee.

Part-time Students
Any individual enrolled in 50% or less of the academic course load may request to be registered as a part-time student for the corresponding year of the program. The maximum course enrolment for part-time study is 2.5 full academic courses. Fees for part-time students are assessed on a per course basis, and have lower incidental charges. Such requests must be made by the appropriate deadlines – after those deadlines students will lose some or all of the potential savings. Refer to the Tuition Fees section of the BKin program website for details.

Newly admitted students will receive enrolment details by email in June. Dates are posted online and will be communicated to students after admission. Prior to registration students are advised to check with their family doctor to ensure that they are adequately immunized and medically able to participate in vigorous physical activity.

Completion Requirements: 

The complete BKin program consists of 20 full academic courses, three outdoor education courses, and certification in Standard First Aid and CPR level C.

First Year: All of ANA126Y1, KPE100H1, KPE120H1, KPE160H1, KPE161H1, KPE162H1, KPE182H1, KPE190H1, ODP100H1, 0.5 Other Division Elective

Second Year: All of KPE200H1, KPE220H1, KPE260H1, KPE261H1, KPE263H1, KPE264H1, KPE282H1, KPE290H1, KPE291H1, ODP200H1, 0.5 Other Division Elective

Upper Years: All of KPE334H1, KPE400H1, One of ODP300H1/ ODP301H1/ ODP302H1

Applications: One of KPE326H1/ KPE329H1/ KPE333H1/ KPE340H1/ KPE342H1/ KPE380H1/ KPE423H1/ KPE427H1/ KPE434H1/ KPE461H1

ONE full course equivalent from category A (See categories under 'Search Courses')

ONE (minimum) to FIVE (maximum) full course equivalents from another division of this university (Note: total elective 100 level courses from another division across all four years MUST NOT exceed 1.5)*

TWO and a HALF (minimum) to SIX and a HALF (maximum) full course equivalents from categories A, B and/or C (See categories under 'Search Courses')

Certification: PAO900H Standard First Aid and CPR level C

GPA: A cumulative GPA of 1.70 or greater

* Only 1.5 credits from another division of the university may be at the first year level. The remainder must be at the second year level or higher.

Degree students are expected to enrol in courses towards the completion of their degree. Students who continue to enrol only in courses not usable towards their degree may be refused further registration.

PAO 900H Standard First Aid and CPR Level C

Students are required to provide proof of certification in Standard First aid and CPR level C during their program of study. Each course should have at least eight hours of instruction, or sixteen hours for a combined course. Lower level certifications (heartsaver, most emergency first aid) will not be accepted. The certification must be presented to the Registrar’s Office, where a copy will be filed and this course then added with credit to a student’s transcripts. Many external agencies provide such training, such as the Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, or the Royal Life Saving Society. Other WSIB certified providers are accepted. This certification is also available through instruction offered by the Faculty’s co-curricular program for a fee that is more advantageous than most external providers. Courses are offered regularly throughout the year and are listed on the Faculty’s website, under Sport and Recreation. Registration can be done on an individual basis online. The fee for any course taken to achieve First Aid and CPR certification will be at the student’s own expense.

Time Limits
To graduate, the full program must be completed within 10 years following initial registration, and all regulations specified when the student was first admitted must be fulfilled. When a period of two or more years has elapsed since completion of a course, the course content will be evaluated relative to current academic requirements in judging whether the candidate has satisfied all of the degree requirements.