Certificate in Global Kinesiology & Physical Education (U of T Global Scholar)

The Global Scholars Certificate is designed for students who have interest in studying courses with a major focus on international, global and/or Indigenous content.  Students will gain a global perspective and learn about the increasingly important role of kinesiology and physical education in health, physical activity and their intersections in a global context. 

REQUIREMENTS: Students currently registered in FKPE must successfully complete 2.0 FCE from the following Global Pathway list of courses as part of their BKin degree requirements: KPE 200, KPE 300, KPE 302, KPE 304, KPE 305, KPE 307, KPE 321, KPE 355*, KPE 401, KPE 404, KPE 405, KPE 455*, KPE 495* and study abroad courses for credit.  Course names are listed below.  Courses with an asterisk have varying topics and will only count towards the certificate if the focus of study/placement is on an international, global or Indigenous topic.

N.B. Students do not have to apply for this certificate.  The Registrar’s Office will confirm eligibility for the certificate upon graduation.  All eligible certificate holders will be considered University of Toronto Global Scholars.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office  for further information: undergrad.kpe@utoronto.ca.


Global Pathway List of Courses

KPE 200  Physical Culture and the Human Condition
KPE 300  Physical Culture and Social Inequality
KPE 302  Media, Health and Exercise Sciences
KPE 304  Violence, Suffering and Physical Culture
KPE 305  Geographies of Physical Cultures
KPE 307  Olympic and Paralympic Studies
KPE 321  Population Health
KPE 355*  Interpersonal Theory in Kinesiology & Physical Education
KPE 401  International Development Through Sport
KPE 404  Illness, Disease and Physical Culture
KPE 405  Race, Indigeneity and Physical Culture
KPE 455*  Kinesiology & Physical Education in Society
KPE 495*  Independent Study