KPE240H1: Indigenous & Black Histories: Health, Healing and Physical Activity

This course will explore Indigenous and Black histories and experiences in Canada before and after colonization, highlighting remarkable triumphs and legacies amidst enduring, oppressive practices. The past and current impact of these histories on people, relationships, health sciences practices and the environment as related to health and physical activity will be examined. Drawing on diverse knowledge practices, this course will advance a basis for understanding how the intersections of histories, health and physical activity might support holistic healing, improved relationships and opportunities for a healthier (environmentally, physically, mentally, spiritually) society. Students will be encouraged to reflect on strategies to achieve these goals in health and physical activity settings. Course topics as related to health and physical activity may include: Indigenous and Black leaders and innovation; self-determination; intersectionality and impact of oppressive, racist practices on diverse identities; scientific racism; impact of residential schools on Indigenous Peoples, history of science and technology, and practices for reconciliation.

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