KPE400H1: Ethics & Power in Kinesiology, Physical Education and Health Fields

The major presupposition of this course is that graduates who pursue careers in the broad fields of kinesiology, physical education and health – teaching, fitness and lifestyle counseling, coaching, medicine, health sciences or research – will be in positions of social responsibility and leadership in society. This course will initiate discussions about developing decolonial ethics through three intersecting dimensions: (a) the importance of reflection, vulnerability, and nonjudgmental communication, (b) the necessity to resist domination and colonial forces, and (c) the work needed to create new, alternative relationships. We take up the challenge of courageously creating ethical spaces and developing an ethical self that can respond intellectually, politically and personally to ethical dilemmas in social, political and cultural life. Selected theories and case studies will be examined, analyzed, and evaluated.

KPE200H1, Fourth year standing
In Person