KPE405H1: Race, Indigeneity and Physical Culture

In this course we will refer to race as a remnant of colonialism, an effect of social practices, and a shifting, performed identity. We explore the ways that fantasies of the history of Canada as a tolerant and multicultural nation hide truths about racism in this country and construct race and indigeneity in everyday life. This course examines how and why ’race’ matters so intensely and the ways ‘race’ is produced and policed, ultimately enabling and empowering some bodies and movements, while oppressing others within physical cultures. Myths of race as a biological category will be debunked. We will explore a wide range of topics including Black masculinities and Black diasporas, access to sport for Asians and anti-Asian racism, the (in)visibility of Indigenous peoples in Canadian sport; religious (in)tolerance, and White privilege. We will read theoretical and empirical chapters and articles and discuss how socio-economic, ableist, and gendered practices of differentiation produce race categories. Last, we will elaborate our roles in creating more equitable and democratic spaces for all athletes and people. KPE405H1 will not only improve engagement with social justice issues, but also ameliorate communication skills and intercultural competencies particularly related to indigeneity, diaspora, equity, and anti-racism in sport.

Course Category
Physical Cultural (A)
Mode of Delivery
In Person